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Dear HTXelerator applicant:

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2021 HTXelerator class. If selected, you will be among 25 future-focused leaders who believe Houston’s best path forward is through responsible growth, transportation infrastructure investments, economic development, technological innovation, pro-environment policies and big-picture thinking.

A few prerequisites: you must live in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and you must be at least 21 years old.


Our focus is to provide a very experiential education on how Houston city government functions. Who should apply? Anyone who wants a deep understanding of the major policy issues facing Houston and how planning for the future is the most responsible way to maintain and improve Houston’s famed quality of life. Also, if you are interested in serving on a city board or commission or possibly running for city council, you should apply to the HTXelerator. We seek applicants from all districts and seek diversity in terms of backgrounds, professions, age, gender, race, and ethnicity.

The HTXelerator starts September 11, 2021 with an immersive opening weekend retreat ending on September 5, 2021. Following, the HTXelerator includes nine weekly evening sessions (with dinner provided) on a wide range of municipal issues, a one-night retreat on media training, how to run and manage campaigns, class project presentations, and the Pitch Competition. The program ends with the HTXL Games in December.

There is no application fee and, if admitted, the HTXelerator tuition is $195 which includes the opening weekend retreat, the weekly education sessions, closing one-night retreat and The Pitch. Tuition scholarships are available for qualified applicants. The application deadline is August 10, 2021. 

If you have any questions, please contact Randy Romman at

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, thank you for applying and good luck!

The HTXelerator Class of 2021 Application


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The Greater Metropolitan Area of Houston is expected to exceed 10 million residents by 2040. The city’s comprehensive, long-term plan – Plan Houston – calls for the city to grow in a more "economically diverse, attractive, and multi-modal transit oriented" way. In other words, growing in a way that supports new industries, better neighborhoods with parks and public spaces, and more options to get around than just by car. Do you agree that Houston should grow in this manner? Why or why not?

Houston is well known for its oil and gas industry, medical industry, port, and growing space industry. We are less well known for our tech scene and our advancements in alternative energy. How can city leaders attract new tech companies to Houston and position our city as the undisputed leader in all forms of energy – conventional and alternative?

According to a 2019 Texas A&M Transportation Institute study, Houston is the 7th most congested city in America. The average Houston driver spent about 75 hours stuck in traffic in 2017. How would you improve transportation and mobility in Houston?

What is Houston’s greatest strength? Greatest weakness?

How did you hear about the HTXelerator program?

How interested are you in serving on a city board or commission? Additionally, have you previously served or are currently serving on any city boards or commissions? Are you serving on any non-city boards or commissions?

Would you ever consider running for Houston City Council?


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